I have justed used the website PhotoPea for the first time, and it is a nice replacement for working with some photoshop files. If you are looking for a way of altering text in a premade psd template, then PhotoPea may be the site for you. 

As a quick example here is what I did:

  1. I went to to download a set of overlay and other templates that I would need for streaming. (Update 7 Sep 2019: Spelling / typo issue on this point)
  2. Extracted the files
  3. Opened them in PhotoPea (which has tabs for working with multiple files)
  4. Edited the sections I needed to edit
  5. And both
    1. downloaded the new PSD file with my edits in place,
    2. and exported a png version.

The work flow of the site feels very similar to photoshop, and from what I can tell, is a nice (but limited) piece of software for allowing tiny edits on professionally created files. 

Work flow example of Photo Pea