What happened when I quit smoking and started vaping

Today's post is a bit of a story. Take what you read here with the grain of salt it deserves. I am not a medical professional, and this is certainly not advice on what you should do with yourself. 

Around one year ago I quit smoking... by starting to vape. I started with a capsule system, from Vype. The Vype ePen 3. I chose a capsule system as it was low power, and seemed to match the form factor of the current cigerettes I was used to. I was also, at the time, weirdly annoyed by the noise of large vaping mods, and I was not sure I would be able to handle myself using it.

I believed I would see an immediate benefit in my wallet, but did not. Smoking using a capsule system cost just as much as smoking regular ciggerettes. It may have been cheaper, but it was not enough to be a justification.

After about a month on this system, my sense of smell came back. After another month, I noticed my breathing was sounding better, my coughing had completely stopped, and my general day to day mood had generally improved. 

From there, I moved onto a vape where I could add juice. I had seen the health benefits, and still wanted to see the financial ones that I believed would happen. 

For that, I went with a blu pro pen. This was on offer from Tesco's, and seemed like a good fit. Over the next few months I bought a few of these kits. The battery life was not good enough to last a day with a single pen, and they would have to constantly on charge. 

Buying juice's now I was starting to see some benefits in terms of price, but constantly having to buy new kits, and new tops ate into those savings making everything cost around the same price. 

A couple of months after starting this I bought by first vape mod. This was an AOKEY vape mod, and I bought it as it was rechargable, and looked like it could last a day a least. 

This mod only lasted a month, as the battery just stoped charging.

Since then, I have been using a tesla cigs mod, and a freemax tank, and have had no issues (other than the door to the battery compartment on the mod). 

If I was to recommend vaping equiqment, I would now recomend something with a battery that you can remove. This will allow you to buy rechargable batteries, and have a mod that will last however long you need. I now see the saving in both juice, nicotine top up packs, and coils. My next purchase may be a different tank, where you work with the coils and cotton directly, but I have not yet had the inclination to go that far.